*Kero Start Fail*

If your Xtreme Turbines RC Turbine Engine fails to startup on your first attempt? You might get excess kerosene in the engine. YOU CANNOT REMOVE EXCESS KEROSENE BY TILTING THE PLANE WITH THE NOSE UP IN THE AIR. The kerosene will be captured by the exhaust guide vanes and will not run out of the engine. The nose must be tilted down towards the ground. The excess kerosene will then run out the intake. You may need a towel around the intake to absorb the kerosene. You may also need to clean off the starter o-ring afterwards since it may get kerosene on it. If this does occur?


The kero start igniter failed. The automatic glow plug test may not detect a failed igniter! If you put your finger on it while the engine is starting and it feels cool, the igniter has failed. If you tried to start the engine with a failed igniter it will get some kerosene inside the engine. Do not immediately install a new igniter and try again without draining the engine.

The kero start feed line has not been primed. Please refer to the kero start instructions on how to prime the feed line. The fuel should be all the way up to the igniter. If you DID prime the feed line and it gets more than 3" of air after a flight, make sure the fitting is tight on the kero start fuel connection and the festo fitting is not leaking. Also make sure the solenoid is fully shutting off. If the fuel does not get to the kero igniter in a few seconds it may not start.

Please do not try to disasemble the kero plug that will void the warranty and further damage the plug. When testing to see if the plug is working and placing your fingers on the plug during ignition please be careful as the plug does get very hot on the outside. Always use caution. 

If the engine shoots out some flames during startup this is normal is is just burning the excess kerosene in the combustion. Nothing to worry about it will stop after a few seconds of the engine running.