Xtreme Turbines is the newest edition of micro turbine engines for the R/C world.

Bringing you the highest quality of turbine engines. We strive for perfection.

Our turbines are tested with the highest degree of balance and precision.


*Kero Start Fail*

If your Xtreme Turbines RC Turbine Engine fails to startup on your first attempt? You might get excess kerosene in the engine. YOU CANNOT REMOVE EXCESS KEROSENE BY TILTING THE PLANE WITH THE NOSE UP IN THE AIR. The kerosene will be captured by the exhaust guide vanes and will not run out of the engine. The nose must be tilted down towards the ground. The excess kerosene will then run out the intake. You may need a towel around the intake to absorb the kerosene. You may also need to clean off the starter o-ring afterwards since it may get kerosene on it. If this does occur? (read more)


Made in the U.S.A.